Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our company elaborates all the factors. Furthermore, the details are for customers to understand. The right to property and copyrights is also an important factor in this regard. You should understand it for an amazing experience with us.

The data and information you give to the company remain private. Consequently, It is liable for the company to use it for work purposes. The privacy policy explains the copyright claims. In addition, it also explains the right to property to its customers.

Copyright claim

Webiconz Technologies owns and controls this website. Contact us directly if you have any queries or confusion. Most importantly if you try to breach the privacy policy of our company you will be charged. The company can file a copyrights claim against you. All the content such as computerized designs, logos & content on this website is the property of the company.

The privacy policy of the company is very strict. Certainly, we want our customers to follow it. Copyrights claim is a strict claim. In other words, if you don’t follow the privacy policy then you will face consequences.

Originality in the privacy policy

The providers who have authorized or made their products accessible for advertising on the website can also claim the right to property. All the content on this website or any other website is in control of the company. In addition, it is for your own non-business utilization.

Duplication of content

You may use the content on this website for your own non-business purpose under the privacy policy of this company. Moreover, you cannot duplicate or imitate any content available here. Republishing, transmitting or any kind of abuse is against the policy of the company.

Copyrights approval

You may ask for the approval of the copyright by sending mail to [email protected]. Otherwise, if you use any content for your own business purpose then it is against the privacy policy of our company. This is entirely disallowed. As a result, you will be charged with a copyright claim.

Registered or unregistered content

You may not utilize any registered or unregistered content on this website. It includes trademarks, copyrights material, logos, pictures, or any other restrictive data under the privacy policy of Webiconz technologies. If you do this without any prior assent of the copyrights owner consequently, you will be charged. Furthermore, the privacy policy of the company does not allow this.

Connection to other page segments

You can not connect to any page segments of the website without prior allotment from Webiconz technologies. If, in any case, you give the hyperlink of this website to a landing page, you will be sure. Any hostility against this website is illegal. This includes false or defamatory explanations.
Copyrights infringement according to the privacy policy

Any infringement of trademarks or copyrights is illegal. It comes under criminal obligation. It is illegal under the universal trademark law. Any utilization of content or other licensed products from this website is strictly illegal. If you try to do this, do it at your own risk.

Data on the website by the privacy policy

Above all, any information you choose to post on the website is openly available to ranges. Subsequently, you accept that Webiconz technologies are allowed to use, modify, duplicate or distribute that information.

You recognize that the company may safeguard the information or may reveal it if required. For instance, authorize any terms or react to claims that affect Webiconz technologies in any regard.

To understand our copyrights claim, read all about the Terms and Conditions of Webiconz technologies.

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