Refund Policy

Webiconz Technologies work to make every client fully satisfied. However, in case of a refund request, all property designed/created by Webiconz Technologies will remain the property of Webiconz Technologies inclusive of graphics, content, source code, etc. Before hiring Webiconz Technologies for any project, we offer our portfolio to analyze the quality and cost of your initial requirements. Meanwhile, for any further questions, you may generate a ticket or ask questions via Whatsapp, live chat, or email. Please review our refund policy below as a reference.

No Refund In Case Of The Following Events:

  • If the client has approved the website design/logo/catalogue or any other once according to initial requirements and changed the requirements after designing or developing no refund or adjustment shall be applicable.
  • If the project is postponed/cancelled/delayed by the client, charges for completed work/paid for domain/hosting/SSL shall be retained (if already paid) by Webiconz Technologies / shall be paid by the client.
  • Payments for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Ads, or any type of digital marketing are non-refundable. Please bear in mind the setup fees are immediately applied/consumed in initiating services incurred by Webiconz Technologies.
  • For SEO services, it takes 3-6 months to bring traffic on targeted keywords only – Whole website SEO is not applicable in either package. A refund is only applicable if the company doesn’t provide a monthly work report to the client.
  • The payment received shall be non-refundable if the client changes its initial requirements.
  • Webiconz Technologies takes no liability for any delay in needed material, content, or data from the client’s end. In case of delay/no response from the client’s end within 40 days from the order date, the order placed shall be cancelled automatically and payment received shall become void.

No Refund Against Domain, Hosting, & SSL

Please be noted, payments for domain/s, Hosting/s, & SSL/s are non-refundable once the domain is registered, the hosting account is created, & SSL is installed based on the purchased plan. However, if the user is not using the hosting account, service charges will still be applicable. Not applicable for the removed accounts (due to violation of our policies and terms of use).

Until or Unless otherwise provided or notify Webiconz Technologies to cancel the services, you will be billed with registered payment methods.

If any hosting account violates our acceptable use policy & service agreement, Webiconz Technologies reserves the right to suspend/cancel the services after 3 warnings. In case, the user doesn’t respond or update the hosting according to the rules, the account will be suspended without any further notice and payment received will become void.

Domain fees are charged annually and are non-refundable once applied. In case, the client wants to transfer the domain and obtain the EPP code, he can apply upon paying a redemption fee/transfer charges – 50% of the total domain payment.

Oustanding invoice/balance of more than fourteen days (14) may result in termination/suspension of the services ordered. No account access shall be restored until the payment is received in full. In case, the client is failed to process the fees as specified herein, Webiconz Technologies reserves the right to terminate/suspend the account and proceed with the collection cost of incurred charges including; legal fees, any arbitration & reasonable attorneys’ fees without limitations.

Webiconz Technologies take no liability for transferring websites from/to Webiconz Technologies’ servers unless the transfer charges are paid. Also, Webiconz Technologies takes no liability for website security only hosting security is applicable. In case, clients mishandle the website, use outdated information, or failed to update the structure/plugin, Webiconz Technologies is not liable for services compromised by the inaction or action of the user. Otherwise, maintenance packages are available for clients.

Furthermore, in case the client doesn’t renew the hosting within 7 days of expiry, the backup data shall be removed from the server without any intimation. No further backup shall be provided by Webiconz Technologies in case of expired hosting and Webiconz Technologies will not be liable for any loss after 7 days of expiry. To avoid any inconvenience, we suggest you renew your hosting within the due time of notification received else keep a copy of your backup with you.


In case, we receive a dispute from a credit company or bank, your ordered services shall be suspended. Outstanding amount / Reimbursement fee (for paid fee repayment by the credit card company) shall be paid by the client in order to get the full charges paid for the services mentioned on the invoice. In case, you have any issue with the billing department, feel free to contact us as it’s fraud to require a return or file a dispute against our valid service charges. Please be noted, it is illegal to obtain a return and Webiconz Technologies has legal rights to file a case on this illegal act. To avoid any inconvenience, please read our policies carefully.

Non-Breach Of Contract

  • Upon the breach of contract from the client’s end, the client will pay a kill fee of 20% of the total project cost mentioned in the contract within 10 days of cancellation.
  • Upon the breach of contract from the company’s end, the client will refund all the payments received as per that project/contract invoice.

Process of Refund

  • If the client has paid using a Credit Card/Cheque/Money order/Western Union/Ria Money/Jazz Cash/Easy Paisa/IBFT/Keenu Wallet/Payoneer/Other, the payment received will be refunded via the same medium respectively within 30 Business days after approval.
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