Did you know there are approx 7.9 million online retailers in the world right now?

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Why choose a website that sells online in 2022?

Have you ever thought about how many online retailers exist globally or in Pakistan? The main question always comes to mind if you work for an eCommerce solution. It is important to know the total number of online retailers worldwide or in Pakistan to understand the amount of your marketable address better.

So, there are currently approximately 7.9 million online retailers in the world. The range of online shopping worldwide has reached more than 2 billion, and over the next few years, it was expected to exceed 2 billion of the world’s population.

COVID-19 Motives To Shopping Online

  • The global spread of COVID-19 has been added to the list of motivations for online shopping. So, security has become a new and often the main reason for looking for online retailers.
  • Before the epidemic, the main reason people shop online was easy and timely. Online shopping styles and statistics show that most people will choose to shop online if they are far from portable storage.
  • We know that day by day the percentage increases with the distance. And while the distance increases, so are the consumers who buy goods from online retailers rather than spend time on other things.
  • Those who don’t like interacting with other people like to shop online. Also, play a role in deciding to shop online.

Best Ecommerce Websites in Pakistan

We are one of the leading companies with the best eCommerce Store Design Service in Pakistan. Increasing internet penetration and smartphones, and online invoices benefits have given businesses a chance to connect with their end customers.

So, in this competitive market, our company, Webiconz, ensures that the online store we offer for our services is very low among our competitors and that our customers can take full advantage of us. We ensure that the work we are looking for is complete seamlessly, in a short time, and at a very cheap cost. So, we provide our services in Lahore and its surrounding cities like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, etc. 

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We know that web development is not a joke, and the serious thing is that eCommerce websites are even more complex. Experienced professionals must work on eCommerce web design to make the site responsive and error-free. At Webiconz, experienced and skilled e-commerce developers work around the clock to provide you best web development and design services.

Clothing & Fashion Website Designing Service

The apparel website designing service depends on the needs of the business. But we guarantee that we will give you a quality website and design with reasonable packages. Our experts first evaluate your business and its services to determine your business’s target market and potential customers. We also get the analysis of website data to measure the effectiveness of the strategies to review the strategies.

We are here to provide excellent and reliable work on websites. The skills and knowledge we use are unbeatable. So, all the staff of our company works hard to meet the needs of our customers fully. So if you need a web solution to market your business, without thinking once.

Make your eCommerce store easy to access and provide flawless online shopping information to customers from Webiconz Technologies! 

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