Wait! Is ChatGPT Replacing Google Search?

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There is always a step being taken in the technological sector. Hence, there is a new chat box has been made, which is known as chatGPT. It was developed and designed in San Francisco, and it is an application that has a human-like conversation. Hence, the primary tool which is in use here is AI technology. This helps in communicating with the users who will be using it. Thus, its language helps structure and fame different models to have a human-like conversation. Therefore, when this came out, everyone was excited to use it, and that’s why it blew up. It has gone viral and has gained more than 1 million users within the time of 5 days.

Know What OpenAI Chatbox Can Do

It is a free chatbox that is unlike a blog or a website. It will have a conversation with you instead whenever you ask a question. Hence, it is an innovation of AI, and it is said that it will soon take over every other search engine, including Google Search. There are other things as well the AI chatbox is capable of doing. Some of those things are writing essays and poetry, writing scripts, framing stories, computer bodes, and drafting marketing pitches. However, it is said that it can take work from content writers.

Open AI’s Chat GPT VS Google LaMDA & Meta Blenderbotchatgpt, openai, gpt3,

In November 2022, OpenAI Launched a chatbot, Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). This chatbot is comprised of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and then tuned via supervised and other reinforcement learning techniques.
The Language Model for Dialog Applications (LaMDA), Google’s conversational chatbot – A Transformer-based neural language model. Followed by QualityGroundedness, & Safety matrics, it comprises pre-trained 1.56T words and publicly available documents.

Blenderbot is also a chatbot launched by Meta a few months ago. Its third conversational AI prototype iteration comprised long-term memory and 175B parameters. Although, it shows results based on data being searched over the internet. However, Google and MEta track their chatbots, but they may announce soon because of the PR of ChatGPT.

But despite the above, it is being said that “AI language models are autocompleted tools with no inherent sense of actuality.” That is it is restricted to AI Conference.

What Is The Battle In Between Google & Open AI’s ChatGPT?

Google has always been the top search engine in the world. Everyone has relied on Google to get the correct answer and information. However, AI has been on its feet and aims to wipe down all of the other sources available and has been successful so far. One of the main reasons why people have liked ChatGPT is because of its clear-cut response and accurate information. It has attracted people all over the world with its unique features. However, some people also claim that there are some drawbacks to using chatGPT too. Some of these are:

  • The answers that the chatGPT generates have been producing some false responses. Some solutions and tasks it did wrong for specific questions lower its reliability to a more significant extent.
  • The coding of the chatGPT also seems off to some of the users. They say that it is notorious for giving false data to users, and it holds it with confidence as well. Therefore, more people have aimed to stay away from it because of the incorrect information that it provides to users.

Google VS ChatGPT – Decide For A Winner 

Google has been running for years and has been the best platform. However, no conflict between different groups argues whether it is going to be Google that wins the new AI ChatGPT. There are differences in both the functioning and the way they answer queries. The coding language is also different, which makes it another battle for both. AI has been one of the most extraordinary things and keeps elevating. There are other functions that it plays that make it an excellent generating source.

People used to hire product description writers after their eCommerce website development and even hire writers for unique content after catalog design services. But human errors can be expected in AI chatbots.

Let’s Be Stick With The Topic:

However, Google is a search engine technology collecting raw data from all industries’ products and services and showing compiled information for years. It includes images, maps, videos, etc., whereas ChatGPT is only a language model showing the written content of pieces.

  • In the start, Chat GPT went viral because users thought it Alternates to Google.
  • Whereas investors took it as a big traffic source.
  • But the wonder is it’s being searched on Google; additionally, Challenging Google will be difficult sure to its huge investment in AI.

In simple words, AI can be disruptive and show repeated things, whatever is fed into it, but it can’t replace human interactions.

Chat GPT has criticism and issues, too, like other AI Tools even we can earn money online from combining ChatGPT with Metaverse and NFTs. However, we will discuss these in another blog. Stay Tuned.


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